Singapore Mei Fun Recipe Print

When Chopstick Bowl and myself were preparing for their Chinese Take-out cooking video series, we had a tough time deciding which dishes should be included in the series. Chopstick Bowl wants the cooking video to be easy to understand so that  anyone who wants to learn  can pick the technique up immediately. Their approach of using a real time demonstration is great as you can actually see the outcome of each dish, not something that was prepared ahead of time. I cannot remember how many times I felt confused because my dish is no where looks like the recipe picture or on TV though I followed the recipe to a tee. So this approach works especially for cooking since it's visual. (I can't tell you how difficult it is to explain a cooking technique in a written format! ) And from what I heard, their viewers agreed too.

Since there are certain dishes that are more advance, meaning you need to know the basic skill to  cook, we finally decided to start with those that will teach the basic. This way, the viewers won't be confused and can re-apply the basic technique to these slightly complicated dishes.

Singapore Mei Fun is one of those slightly complicated dishes. And since this is one of the favorites, Chopstick Bowl has received many requests for its recipe, so I am posting this on the Bachelor Menu No. 9 section. For viewers who already watched the Noodles and Rice Cooking DVD, you should be able to apply the Mei Fun cooking technique demonstrated towards this dish.

My professional chef friends told me that during their apprenticeship, the very first dish they have master are Fried Rice and Fried Noodles especially mei fun and flat board noodles (aka chow fun). They have to master this before they can move onto the next stage - stir-frying. It sounds easy but believe me it is not easy. Heat too high will burn the food, too low won't have that dried crispy flavor. Unfortunately, with the industry moving so fast these days, they cannot wait for the apprentice to be completely ready before moving on learning the next skill, so it relies on the cooks to perfect their skill as time goes by.

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